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Track 1

Blockchain Adaptation of Remote Patient Monitoring with Internet of Medical Things

Primary Author- Cinthia Joy Godly School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences , Federation University, Australia

Track 3

Calibration and Classifier Design for IoT Healthcare Applications using Federated Learning

Primary Author- Vijay Anavangot SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Karukutty, Angamaly, Kerala, India

Track 5

Human-Computer Music Co-Production Using Genetic Algorithms

Primary Author- Swebert Correa Department of Computer Engineering College of Engineering, Pune                                                         

Track 2

Modified Cascode LNA design with IMD technique at 45nm CMOS technology for WLAN applications

Primary Author- Priyanka Saini Dept. of ECE, MNIT,Jaipur,India                                                                               

Track 4

Vehicle Congestion Estimation Using a Cooperative Infrastructure for Traffic Information Acquisition

Primary Author- Manipriya Sankaranarayanan Computer Science Group,IIIT Sri City, Chittoor
Andhra Pradesh, India

Track 6

Forensic Analysis of Private Mode Browsing Artifacts in Portable Web Browsers Using Memory Forensics

Primary Author- Dr. Akash Thakar School of Forensics, Risk Management and National Security,Rashtriya Raksha University,Gandhinagar

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