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Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length original research papers (that have not been submitted, published, or are currently being considered for publication in any other conferences/journals).

Track 1: Advanced Computing

Topics: Algorithms for Numerical Linear Algebra and Data Structures; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Big Data Computing and its Applications; Trusted Computing; Cloud Computing; Data Center Architectures and Services; Data Management, Exploration and Mining; Distributed Databases; Fog computing /Edge Computing; Grid Computing; Hardware Acceleration for Parallel Applications; Large Scale Graph Analytics; Mobile Computing; Multi-Core Processing; Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation; P2P Competing Parallel and Distributed Algorithms; Pattern Recognition and Analysis; Parallel Languages, Programming Environments and Performance Assessment; Parallelism in Scientific Data Visualization and Visual Analytics; Query and Search Engine Optimization; Reconfigurable Computing Robotics and Human Machine Interface Security; Software Project Management; Trust and Privacy Simulation; Modelling Systems and Software Engineering; Ubiqitious and High Performance Computing; Scientific/Engineering/Industrial Applications and Workloads

Track 2: Communication & Networking

Topics: Green Communications, Wireless Communications and Networks, Optical Communications and Networks, Modulation and Coding Techniques, Ad-hoc, Mesh, and Sensor Networks, Cellular Networks. Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Networks; Communication Architecture; Algorithms, Modeling and Evaluation; Control Systems and Applications; Delay Tolerant Networks; Fault Tolerance, Reliability and Survivability; Flow and Congestion Control; Multimedia and Real-Time Networking; Optical Networks and Systems Protocols and Standards; Satellite and Space Communications; Sensor/Embedded Networks and Pervasive; Computing Smart Spaces and Personal Area Networks; Social Network Behaviors; Modeling, And Analysis; Vehicular, Underground and Underwater Networks; Software Defined Networking, Smart Grid Systems, Intelligent Control, Robotics, Smart Communication System Models.

Track 3: Intelligent System and Analytics

Topics: Agricultural Informatics and Communication; Big Data Analytics; Bio-inspired Optimization; Community Information Systems; Crowd Sourcing & Social Intelligence. Data Mining, Deep Learning, Remote Sensing; GIS and GPS; Disaster Management; E-governance; E-Commerce; E-Business; E-Learning Forensics and Informatics; Informatics Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms; Hybrid Intelligent Systems; Metaheuristic algorithms; Machine Learning Business Intelligence, Neural Networks; Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Applications; Neuro Informatics Open Source: Challenges and Opportunities; Smart grid and Renewable Energy. Business Intelligence, Human-Computer Interface

Track 4: Soft computing

Topics: Embedded Software, Fuzzy Logic, Software Testing, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Neural Networks, Artificial Neural Network, Software Technology, Probabilistic Reasoning, Approximate reasoning, Biomedicine and also bioinformatics, Bayesian network, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computing, Pattern recognition, Hybrid intelligent systems, Software agents, Morphic Computing, e-medicine, Rough Sets, Symbolic machine learning, Vision Recognition, Reactive Distributed AI, Nano & Micro-systems, Pervasive computing and ambient intelligence, Web Intelligence Applications.

Track 5: Cyber Security

Topics: High Performance Internet Protocols; Identity Management and Object Recognition; Information Theory and Coding; Internet Security and Privacy Localization; Technologies Mobility Models and Mobile Networks Mobility; Localization and Management Aspects Routing and Control Protocols; Wearables, Body Sensor Networks; Smart Portable Devices; Web-based Learning; Innovation and Challenges. , Smart Machine learning Systems and models, Deep learnt networks, Evolutionary Systems,NLP, Secture Systems, IoT/IoE Security.Security and Privacy challenges in big data, Cryptography, Secure systems, Data privacy, eCrime and malware, Information Security, Communication Security, Biometric--based Security, Cryptography systems, Embedded Security, Data Analytics for Security and Privacy, Integrated Security Design Schemes, Surveillance

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